Blanka Havlíčková (Director, Forecasting Educator)

Blanka has Ph.D. in international relations/behavioural economics and is currently finishing her studies in creative pedagogy. She helped organize European CFAR workshops, different experiential education events (for example Epistea Summer Experiment, Závěj or Rampouch) and also the Czech National Forecasting Tournament (OPTIONS). In the past she worked for Metaculus as the EA question author. Currently she focuses on the development of the Confido app, development of forecasting / rationality syllabuses for high school students and evaluation of research proposals in social sciences and humanities for the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.

Filip Štědronský (Head of Engineering)

Filip is an aspiring rationalist who is finishing his master’s degree in computer science. He helped organize the European CFAR workshops, different experiential education events (Epistea Summer Experiment, computer science camps for Czech high school students). He volunteers at the Czech Association for Effective Altruism, mostly helping with technical tasks and operations on various events.

Václav Končický (Software Developer)

Václav is a fresh alumnus of theoretical Computer Science, finishing it with a Master’s degree. During his master studies he also took a liking to teaching his younger student colleagues, taking on first year practicals on math and problem solving to this day. In addition, he helps with organisation of a Computer Science contest for high schoolers.